Front-End Developer | Digital Marketer
Product Marketer | Copywriter | UI Designer

I'm passionate about building products and projects that aim to better the overall health of the netertainment industry

About Me

I'm a Digital Marketer, and Product Manager.

I'm a firm believer that Engineering and Marketing should be fluid as it helps to create more amazing products. The engineering team have more accurate actionable data to work with and the product managers can effectively put together the pieces to create awesome products that market themselves leading to high virality factors.

I'm a huge fan of the famous Hubspot marketing flywheel where customers are the center of all activities.
These helps to create friction-less user experiences that transition from marketing through sales and service until they became consistent repeat customers who could become advocates for your brand, increasing their lifetime value with every step.

Product managers can continuously test and improve on their amazing products fueling engineers with all the marketing and audience data they need.
Engineering has all the data and tools to create while marketers are also actively aware of all the features and capabilities of the product being advertised.

This is the future and all I hope to build someday.



- Head of Product and Digital.
- Jan 2019 - Present.
- Lagos, Nigeria.


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